Open Court: BasketDudes MMO Enters Open Beta Stage

After over a year of production and a pre-season beta of 4 months, we're finally all able to enter the open beta stage of 'BasketDudes' - a completely free MMO basketball game! It's nice to see MMO games branching out into sport and we're looking forward to seeing how this fares with PC and MAC gamers.

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TheFodi2866d ago

I'm not big on sports games, but I think I'd have to try an MMO basketball game.

rmoar2866d ago

Sports MMO? I'm intrigued and happy to see innovation... at least until the expansion pack where all the basketball players get swords and flying mounts.

Cwalk8162865d ago

I remember there was a popular once called "Freestyle Street Basketball" or something, but I think it had serious lag issues.

flipmop442866d ago

a sports mmo this has my attention that's for sure

DaleBoyd2865d ago

from good!!

GregoryAllen2865d ago

MMO or no, still not playing a sports game that isn't MarioKart.