Apple iPad biggest threat to Wii U

The Apple iPad is the biggest rival to home videogames consoles, such as the forthcoming Wii U, and the existing Xbox 360 and PS3 - according to Ian Baverstock, games industry stalwart and co-founder of consultancy group Tenshi Ventures.

Speaking at The Futuresource Entertainment Summit in London, Baverstock believes that because the iPad is used more as a living room entertainment device, it could give Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony a run for their money: "I think that the big problem [for console manufacturers] is the iPad as a tablet. It’s very different than a mobile phone. It’s much more a threat to a standalone console."

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D0ffy2777d ago


Aaaah moving on..

Samus HD2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I think the only rival for nintendo is Sony

D0ffy2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Agreed and I'm glad they are.

Sony is a great game company IMO but I've always loved Nintendo the most (dunno why, guess it all started at Ocarina of Time). But when they are rivaling each other, they are forced to make better games than one another.

And when I own both systems (and the Xbox for that matter) it means better games for me, when they are rivaling. That's a win-win for me and also helps the innovation in the gaming industry :)

But to say the iPad has the slightest thing to say in the gaming industry is pure bullcrap.

_LarZen_2777d ago

If I had to pick 1 I would without blinking pick the iPad...

EYEamNUMBER12777d ago

guess you must not like games then

fossilfern2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I would never pick an Ipad over a nintendo system but the Iphone/Ipods actually have some great games on them and I love the Iphone for games, some very very good RPGs too. For portable gaming id rather use my Iphone as its everything in one. I hope the new Iphone comes out this year as I intend to pick it up, the 3G doesnt play a good number of the newer games :/

Bereaver2777d ago

Years ago, I would agree with you. But with the IPAD and open development on it..... it's becoming a threat. I've never owned an apple product, but I find myself craving an IPAD 2. (of course the PSVita has my eye more.... and possibly the WiiU)

It's library is growing and this won't be the last.

Bereaver2777d ago

But I will say, right now, it's not the "biggest" threat.

user8586212777d ago

If I had to pick from an Ipad and a ball in a cup.... without blinking I'd go with ball in a cup

fluffydelusions2777d ago

I'd pick the iPad and sell it on eBay/Craiglist.

user8586212777d ago

lol mario vs angry birds? are you serious?....

2777d ago
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