Pro-G: Pro Evo 2008 Xbox 360 Review

By now you've probably read Pro-G's PS3 PES 2008 review, in which they slammed the game for its frame rate and slowdown problems. And you've no doubt headed straight to the bottom of this page to see if Pro-G has given the Xbox 360 game a higher score. So what do you think? Surprised? Don't be. PES 2008 on the 360 is better than on PS3.

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SonySoldiers4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

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Please anyone on SONY's side, reject this article at all cost!
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It's way better having Blu-Ray games rather than having low framerates games.

The world must obey SONY's commands. Never post good news for Xturd 360, damnit!

** WARNING ** This crying baby (Floxnard) is a timid, fake PS3 fan. You can't stop SONY, so you fail, son!

clownfacemcgee4871d ago

Who hasn't figured out by now that SonySoldiers is really a 360 fanboy pretending to be a PS3 fan? It really makes him look pathetic.

wageslave4871d ago


I doubt it. The SDF is _very_ well represented on this site. Totally irrational fanboys are not uncommon at all. This OP is probably sincere. You're assuming otherwise is paranoid.

Kuest4871d ago

I think flox could be on to something... Just look at Sony Soldiers' comment! I mean, WHO posts like that?

power of Green 4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Its a spoof act... lol. PUN Indeed. He doesn't try and hide it at all. He's joking which is better than what some of the members on this site do(Use 360 game pics as avatar's pretending to gain others trust only to slowly revert back to Sony fanatical fanboyism taking some site members with them).

He's paying for his act though! no one will get his back being confused or hating him.

clownfacemcgee4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

You just proved my point. It was proven a little while back that SDF is owned by Wii60 and is just posing as a Sony fanboy site. Here's the link from Kotaku:

P.S. @ SonySoldiers,

I feel honored to have such a notorious fanboy insult me. You truly made my day.

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jromao4871d ago

I own PES 2008 for PS3 and the game runs smoot even with the slowdowns that only appears sometimes when we play under rain and box is crowded, and even that issue don't affect the gameplay. Game is awsome.

As Konami already inform they are working on the fix for off-line and on-line modes on PS3, we just need to wait till the update is ready, meanwhile we keep playing, where's the problem ?

WisinYandel4871d ago

They shouldnt bash the PS3 even if the 360 version is really better. How Unproffesional.

wageslave4871d ago

What are you talking about? These are game Reviews. This is exactly the news that informed Gamers need.

This game is just one in a very long line. Yesterday it was Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, today it is PES.

Every gamer should know this in order to make the correct purchasing decisions.

Snukadaman4871d ago

of course it would...people who want a reason too purchase a ps3 keep their eyes on these reviews....hell at least this one reviewed each game separately instead of lumping one version with the other....look at madden 08 for that.

Real gamer 4 life4871d ago

Very interesting eventhough ign gave the game a 9.2 and also the x box version has problems aswell. Look at the review on ign.

Real gamer 4 life4871d ago

how did this get approved? this is old news already.

IGN closing comments.
there was a thread like this saying that konami apologize and that they are fixing the problem. and on top of that 360 version also has problems. neither version are great.
It’s by no means perfect, though: compared to the PS3 version it runs more smoothly with far fewer drops in frame rate, but on the flip side there appears to be a weird distance filter which overlays the pitch, so the grass near the camera looks sharp, halfway up it’s a bit more blurred and in the distance it’s fuzzy.

JokesOnYou4871d ago

"It’s by no means perfect"=

No sh!t what game is, it scored a 9 for the 360, the bottom line is the ps3 version just isn't as good as the 360 version, it is what it is, suck it up.


ActionBastard4871d ago

IGN gave both both versions a 9.2 and pointed out their issues. Same game. Same score. How is the 360 version better again?

JokesOnYou4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

well I dont see IGN UK score posted yet on metacritic or gametrailers but its the same score so it will help both games avg a bit, but so far if you look at the scores you can see that 360 version is scoring a little higher, I think the gap will increase because ps3 best scores so far are from pro ps3 sites and just reading the reviews it seems the framerate issue is a problem on the ps3, even Konami apologized but I think other neutral sites will likely rate it lower for the ps3

360 score so far is 85 on metacritic

ps3 score so far is 84 on metacritic

360 score on gamerankings so far is 87%

ps3 score on gamerankings so far is 75% *(they haven't update the two pro ps3 sites review which would make it 84%

yes, the 360 version is only scoring slightly higher, but judging by scores alone that STILL indicates there is a better version, I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see which avg # is higher, and IF the ps3 version ends up being higher when all the scores are in then I'll be the first to say judging by the scores its the better version, btw wasn't the ps3 the lead platform for this game, yeah I think I heard that hype somewhere?=


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