Top 5 Reasons the Wii U will be Successful

The Wii U has been taking a pounding by different websites and users over how Nintendo revealed the system. How much power the new system actually has and the footage of 3rd party games actually being 360/ps3 footage at E3 has not earned Nintendo good press. Many people are pointing to the Wii U being doomed a year before it even comes out. That is a silly claim and here are my top 5 reasons why the Wii U will be successful.

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Fierce Musashi2863d ago

Well I'll be damn, a positive opinion piece on the Wii U. I was getting real sick of the Attack of the Angry Fanboy (mostly of Sony) Bedroom Journalists having nothing good to say about this console at the least. Mostly bashing it for stupid things like it not being a dvd player, like we don't already have enough.

NLGSean2863d ago

If you go outside of this fanboy realm called n4g you will see that a lot of people are excited about the Wii U...

Theyellowflash302863d ago

Yeah the Wii U has been getting destroyed on N4G. I think this article sums up how I feel on the subject! Good to see some positive news.

Achtung2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Not a single fanboy...

Titanz2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

1.)I got a dvd and blu-ray player
2.)Playing movies on consoles puts stress on the system.
3.)Netflix is an awesome service, and Wii U users will be able to stream content to the controller.

The Wii U has the majority of features "core" gamers want it to have - power, innovation, and 3rd party support.

I guess this finally puts Nintendo in Sony's position(quality 1st/2nd party titles, with top tier 3rd party offerings).

Kos-Mos2863d ago

One reason it will be successful for the human-race: Nintendo