New Wii U hardware for devs in June/July

The next generation of Wii U prototype hardware will be sent to developers in June or July, Eurogamer can reveal.

When those kits arrive, there will be "more information" about unknown aspects such as raw machine power and online capabilities, Sega Europe MD of development Gary Dunn explained.

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Shok2732d ago

So this confirms that the current dev kits weren't final and under-clocked. Good.

JaggedCarpet2732d ago

This also confirms that nobody but Nintendo knows what's inside it and what the specs will be. With Sega saying that the older dev kits are "quite powerful", I wonder how powerful the final build will be?

Only time (and Nintendo) will tell.

neogeo2732d ago

This may sound a little stupid but I think Nin should say fuck it and go INSANE with the power. Go ahead and make me a $1000 Nintendo system more powerful then God and earth. It will sell slowly and by the time the other guys come out the price will be dropped enough.

iforgotmylogin2729d ago

i wonder what would be said on the internet.

how the nintendo haters would react...
its hard to think about what would be said

but none the less if the system is more powerful than the ps3 im happy no console coming out from now till 2013 will beat the graphics wall that the pc has yet to break down. and if it does it will be expensive or sold at a massive loss.