Google Images - Battlefield 3 Is 'Visually Similar' To Real Life, But Not Call of Duty

Google Images has determined that Battlefield 3 is "visually similar" to real life, whilst Call of Duty has been determined to be "visually similar" to... Call of Duty.

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dolfang2680d ago

THIS is why Battlefield 3 will be better than COD.

EYEamNUMBER12680d ago

its gonna be better because it has better graphics? your making the game sound bad just by saying that instead of its other points

as for the topic its still easy to tell which is the game and which isn't even when you minimize the pictures so small

I_find_it_funny2680d ago

those comparison images are too big for me, could someone make them a bit smaller?

Coffin872679d ago

Because of the graphics!? What a stupid thing to say.

Graphics may be what gets people to play a game.
But gameplay is what keeps them there.

iamnsuperman2680d ago

The problem with your comment is graphics are not everything. Bf3 is still and arcade shooter so story and gameplay play a big part. COD is high octane action and that appeals for me as a arcade shooter. The story maybe stupid but it works with the action. The problem with bf games is the slow paced action (especially witht the demo shown) If i want a military sim its ARMA and bf is not ARMA but as for an arcade shooter story and gameplay play a big role

ShadowJetX2679d ago

I dunno, dumb action games can be fun, but I get bored of them pretty quickly, bad company 2's story wasn't very captivating so I didn't finish the campaign when I got a chance to sit down with it for awhile. Though the same is true with and cod game, which I've never made it half way. The trailer for BF3 however had no trouble keeping my attention as I waited for it buffer so many times.

But for what it's worth, battle field had me sitting down for multiple sessions for hours at a time, while cod got pretty stale and boring for me after awhile..

But you know what? You should go back to school and relearn sentence structure, even if it was a quick post, your writing shouldn't look like that of 7 year old.

blumatt2680d ago

While I agree with you that Battlefield 3 is clearly a better game than any CoD game, there's much more than just its superior graphics that make it a better game. The destructibility plays a part. The physical interaction with people and the environment play a part. And, the ability to drive a huge assortment of vehicles, both land and sea, play a HUGE part.

Battlefield 3 on PS3, a match made in heaven, come this holiday season. PSN: blumatt Add me if you want to play it in a few months.

ShadowJetX2679d ago





TheOldOne2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

No this is why Battlefield 3 will be better than COD:

-No screaming 12 yr olds
-Dedicated servers on all platforms not just PC
-Full Destruction of buildings
-Jets, tanks and helicopters
-More emphasis on teamwork and less on solo commando dropshotting/quickscoping soldiers
-No overpowered killstreaks

AND the clearly superior graphics, that actually uses a new graphics engine and not some ancient quake graphics engine.

shayol33t2680d ago

Mods: drop kick the first comment and replace it with this.

TheGameFoxJTV2680d ago

Shay, no mod tools at the beginning. They're considering when and how they'll do them, but they said for sure they won't be there at the start.

MajorgamerQc2679d ago

You forgot no pussy hearbeat sensors or almost constent radar that track your every move so that all the casual noob players can converge on your position.

GodofSackboy2679d ago

@TheGameFoxJTV i dont think you quite got what he meant

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Tank_Commander_E62679d ago

that and the gameplay too right dolfang?

COD has reached it peak. BF3 is it's successor.

AEtherbane2679d ago

Graphics wont make a game better to play -- bad game is bad game.
But Battlefield gameplay is just better anyways, the added eye candy doesn't hurt one bit.

ShadowJetX2679d ago

Unless your photosensitive, then they'll hurt.

Cover all your bases bro.

egidem2679d ago

Call of Duty is an arcade shooter compared to Battlefield 3. That alone says it all.

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baxy-z2680d ago

Can't wait for this game!

ps3bestever2680d ago

Technically, MW3 will be better than this, look at the fire effects or earth textures and etc...
but lighting system looks really good. :)

TheOldOne2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

"Technically MW3 will be better than this"

Are you serious??

death2smoochie2679d ago


You can't be serious????

Organization XII2679d ago

lol how fucking old are you?

retrofly2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Find a picture of MW3 with a similar shot to BF3's and I bet you will get the same result.

The test is bullshit.

Oh look BF3 looks like BF3!

A'thank you.

PhantomT14122680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Gotta admit this. I researched similar image with this shot of MW3:

And that's what I get:

Guess our eyes are the only true judges.

retrofly2680d ago

Yeah its a completely crap story, just shit stirring again between MW3 and BF3, no wonder both sets of fines hate eachother.

I for one am a fan of both series ever since 1942 & COD1, I can't wait to play them both :)

AEtherbane2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Image attacher broken? :(

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