Is PC still top priority for CD Projekt? "That's a tricky one"

Polish developer CD Projekt recently announced an Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2 – their first foray into console development. But what does this mean for the future? Is the PC still top priority going forwards, or is the studio now a multi-platform developer?

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Baka-akaB2733d ago

Obviously it's a sign of them going multi ... but as long as tech wise , their developement process still goes PC > consoles , we'll be fine .

The witcher 2 was already massively consolized , with many people not even noticing it . It was just done in a smart and efficient way .

bumnut2733d ago

Agreed, I don't have a problem with multiplatform games as long as the pc version is not gimped.

Im looking at you Crytek with your low, medium and high graphics options.

shayol33t2733d ago

Was actually pretty easy to notice at times, I mean some of the menus....slow was the least of their issues. Amazing game though.

b_one2732d ago

Amazing, but too short... act number three was... not too long :)

at all it seems that it is unfair that PC gamers are guinea pigs (patches[CollectiorsEdition], bugs, enchanced editions, drm issues) and console owners gets fine polished product - it clearly means that for CDPR console market is more demanding, so consoles will get more content, more polished game for free. Damn some bugs was so obvious that i even doubt that they had any pre beta testings ;)

I`m not a fanboy of any platform. I`m just living in country where game was developed and we have all those thing, issues "LIVE".

PS3 version will happen - why? They want to sell licenses($$$ for more games.) for Red Engine, without any proves, they dont have chances for that. If you have any Questions about Witcher rumours you can try to google translate some polish gaming sites...


Polish devs just starting up, they becoming visible by US and EU gamers...they need to catch up but CDPR wont do shitty games, they dont have money for that, also they wont risk market shares to drop, as witcher 2 pumped them to some crazy values....

Other thing that thier PR strategy depends on LOYAL FANBASE, and you can turn this easily in RPG genre to LOYAL HATEBASE with one bad decision :)

they are different than US, EU devs... but still 1st class

budget of Witcher 1 = 19,1 milion PLN
budget of Witcher 2 = over 30 milion PLN (something like 1.000.000 $)

Apollyn2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Every company that goes multi plat from being a Stella single platform Dev never goes well...
They just need to use PC as there dev unit

Are a couple to name without having to think of it

Inside_out2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

The PC community goes crazy every time these ( PC devs ) guys announce any console version. The fact is they will make more money on consoles and COD has been the catalyst in that regard.

COD is the biggest entertainment entity going right now with profits that make Bill Gates raise an eyebrow. Will it always be that way...NO, but it has infamously shown that if you build it, they will come. EA is Activision's Byotch right now as EA follows them around like a dog in heat trying steal away some of COD's magic and acting like they have been robbed or something...O_o

The Witcher 2, if done right will show these guys that there is a market...a VERY BIG market for there game on consoles as well as all platforms including phones and tablets. Fable is a big seller on 360. Mass Effect has also done well.

People like complain about the consoles but the fact is consoles has brought in a massive amount of money and while the games may appear watered down, and make no mistake, they are, it's a reflection of a newer, hungrier casual fanbase that is now jumping into gaming as a result of the Cell phone app craze that, like a full lunar eclipse, has made people come out in droves. The so called hardcore will just have to except that streamline and simplifying game play is the new big thing. M$ is not even using a controller and the very young and old take a stab at gaming.

btw...the game will come to the PS3, just not in November as Sony has one of there big Exclusives launching in Uncharted tho I have to say, COD will suck the air out off the gaming market in November as the must buy Holiday's been that way for the last several years.

Bolts2733d ago

Completely pointless article. These guys are not Bioware which can crank out two AAA RPGs with several projects going at once. It took them years to complete Witcher 2 and by the time they start working on their next project it'll be for the nextgen of consoles.

fluffydelusions2732d ago

Activision buyout in 3.2.1...

BeastlyRig2733d ago

When it's time for a pc game they polish & focus on pc!

Then the polish & focus on 360!

Everyone wins!

stuntman_mike2732d ago

thats funny as thier actually polish aswell...

stuntman_mike2733d ago

well they have only released it on microsoft platforms so its exclusive isnt it lol.

ilikegam3s2732d ago

technically it is true (so far) , but people just dont want to believe it.

Nicolee2732d ago

you mean like when it was only exclusively to PC ?

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