Rygar:Battle of Argus Gameplay Video

Here's a gameplay video of Rygar from

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Sam Fisher4869d ago

and god of war ..... and the song reminds me of soul caliber, like if the annouce is bout to speak at the end of the song saying "Welcome To Soul Caliber"

PS360WII4869d ago

Looks intense. So I guess this is a portish title. It's built off of the PS2 game but they added this that and the other thing. Hope it pans out well.

MyNutsYourChin4869d ago

I'm confused. What differentiates this one from the PS2 version?

PS360WII4869d ago

It might just be like Sigma. Added areas and some different placements of enemies. The control method will be the big difference obviously. Though I never played the PS2 version so that should help this stay fresh for me at least.

KidMakeshift4869d ago

Sounds like a gay porn.

Why did they turn the main character into a californian surfer?

Just buy the PS2 version for $5