Call of Duty 4 Supports 4 player splitscreen and 1080p - Images inside

As you can see from these images there is a host of multiplayer options in COd4: Modern Warfare. Pictures include the 4 player split screen mode as well as available game modes etc.

Images start a third way down the page. Many thanks to Adams828 from avsforums for upping these images

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pwnsause4870d ago

PS3 1080 at 60fps, wow!!!! is it in true 1080p??? I know the 360 version can support 1080p but with the use of its scaler

AznSniper4870d ago

I was like holy crap! That made me preorder the game as well as the 4-Player Split Screen Online.

stunt2134870d ago

yeaah splitscreen online, this is gonna be such a sweet game

BloodySinner4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

The Xbox 360 and PS3 both upscale. There is no such thing as "true HD". Whatever that's supposed to mean, anyway.

power of Green 4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

The 360 can do 1080p native but games have to run at a certain standard MSFT likes and the more complex games use the scaler. I wonder why they have so many pics of the PS3 version but none for PC and 360 is this some sort of Marketing tactic?(get the PS3 fanboys hyped up so they actually buy it).

shotty4870d ago

True HD?
Both consoles can output natively in 1080p if that what the developer chooses, the xbox 360 (I beleive the ps3 aswell) can scale a game written for any native resolution upto 1080p

mighty_douche4870d ago

BloodySinner ... ps3 doesnt have upscaling(on games).

power of Green... "The 360 can do 1080p native but games have to run at a standard MSFT likes and the nore complex games use the scaler" is that a fancy way of saying it doesnt? oh and lack of hdmi = no 1080p native

harpua4870d ago

I know the 360 is very good at 640p at least.

Meus Renaissance4870d ago


Come on guys, lets not be shabby and instigate a flamewar. Just enjoy the screenshots. The 360 version will atleast have the ability to jump into your friends' games via the Dashboard, and I'm sure the visuals will look just as good.

Ri0tSquad4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )


Here it says 2

And with this game ps3 will have 25

Expy4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I'm going to go ahead and guess that PS3's 1080p will be native FULL 1080p. 360, who knows, no box art yet, upscale like Halo 3? Most probably.

@Ri0tSquad: About a handful if I remember correctly 4?

power of Green 4870d ago

As long as the devs don't have to come out and apologize for having to work out major bugs and unforeseen issues later on to increase frame rates etc. 640p is A OK.

ActionBastard4870d ago

Dammit Meus Renaissance! When you're right, you're right. I got in the 360 beta and it looked great.

shmee4870d ago

it can upscale to 1080p BUT PS3 can run games at 1080p NATIVE eg RR7 and NGS @ 1080p @ 60 FPS

Kleptic4870d ago

1080p out of HDMI is only a limit on BD...not games...Blu Ray apparently won't play 1080p unless through a HDMI cable, because of whatever license stuff they put in place...Component cables are capable of carrying a 1080p resolution picture though...and the 360 can do it through component...

The Darkness is the only 360 game that I know of that was native 1080p...and by native I only mean what it says on the PS3 version and 360 versions said that...whether that is scaled or not, I have no idea...which makes it not native at all...the whole "supported output" stuff is annoying in the first place...One would think that the highest supported output would be the native resolution of the game...but instead they can say it supports 1080p...because of a scaler...which doesn't mean anything to the end user...your TV will upconvert any signal to 1080p it a PS3, 360, or PS2 game...the supported output basically says "this game will fill your whole screen" doesn't mean anything about the native resolution, which is all we care about...

Since MS didnt' explain to anyone what the 360 was capable of resolution wise since launch...and since Sony only shouted Full HD over and over since launch...its not wonder there is this much confusion going on...

however Bloody Sinner...True HD is a type of 7.1 surround sound...and the PS3 is definitely capable of games that are native had native 1080p games before sony released the firmware that allowed software upscaling (that was back when some 720p games wouldn't scale to 1080i, instead went down to 480p...they fixed that since)...

in either case...Infinity Ward confirmed in one of the interviews linked on this site that the PS3 would run 720p @ was around all that Madden garbage, and was for a playstation website or they did not mention anything about the 360, which I figured is the same...

power of Green 4870d ago

Come on that was a legit question!.

No info on the other versions have been revealed yet really, the fanbases for the other two platform are bigger and will sell way more copies.

People wan't to know about the other versions. I mean lets be real doesn't the 360 version have more Multiplayer features?. This odd behavior is obviously a marketing tactic to get people to purchase the game on all three platforms(they've payed attention to how the hype works this gen and what motivates each fanbase's game purchases).

SIX4870d ago

This would explain why the PS3 version ( from what early reports say) would be sharper.If true, I think this would be the definitive proof that the PS3 is more powerful. I can also see this convincing alot of my xbox buddies to finally get a PS3. That's all they where waiting for is proof. Lets hope this is it.

DreamTension4870d ago

Are you that stupid?

Not only do the new Premium and Elite have HDMI connections, but native 1080p can be achieved through both component and VGA.

The 360 does have an HD-DVD ad-on that plays movies natively 1080p through Component and VGA, depending on your TV. Most new 1080p TV's only diplay the resolution through their HDMI inputs, but most people don't have one anyway. (keep in mind HDMI has been added, most likely to enhance the HD DVD support)

I would rather a developer use the resources available to make the gameplay better(# of objects on screen, physics, framerate) rather than going from 720p to 1080p. Sh1t, I dont even have a 720p TV, let alone a 1080p. And that's true for most gamers.

Damn fanboys. I usually dont type, only read.

ActionBastard4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )


HD DVD - 1080p resolution and all others
DVD - Upscaled as high as 1080p resolution and all others
Games - 720p games upscaled to 1080p, also supports native-1080p games


HD DVD - 1080i resolution maximum, limited by AACS
DVD - Upscaled to 480p maximum, limited by CSS
Games - 720p games upscaled to 1080p, also supports native-1080p games

rofldings4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )


Lol. Are YOU that stupid ... I read the second sentence in your retarded comment, "The 360 does have an HD-DVD ad-on that plays movies natively 1080p through Component and VGA, depending on your TV. Most new 1080p TV's only diplay the resolution through their HDMI inputs, but most people don't have one anyway."

Please. 1080p over VGA? VGA is analog. Also, 1080p through component is generally only possible on very expensive high end models of TVs.

Also, nigga please @ most people don't have HDMI inputs, they are unbelievably common nowadays.

What's the point in having devs developing 3shi*ty games with 1080p output, when a majority would not be able to use the 1080p output. Have an older xbox, no hdmi, your tv doesn't support 1080p through component? sh*tsux. Now, while you weren't paying attention, I believe your xbox has lit on fire, go put it out ... again.

PS3 .. standard HDMI, standard HDD, standard not a pieceofshit.

DreamTension4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Do PC's come standard with HDMI Outputs? Do computer monitors come standard with a HDMI input? Can PC games play at resolutions of 1080p and higher? (after the update was able to get 1080p through VGA with the 360 HDDVD player.)

"Nigga please"? Are you like 13 years old?

Why would you want to spend twice as much time and money to make 1080p games when most of your potential customers are more interested in buying Blu-ray movies?

rofldings4870d ago

No. DVI-D is what is standard on PCs rather than HDMI, it uses the same video stream. Also, iirc VGA -> 1080p is only possible if that TV supports it, again ... a very limited amount, most of which are sony bravias.. ;)

power of Green 4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

#1.18. I agree with you calm down. lol

You asked me if I was stupid for saying the same thing you said in your post?. Why are you getting all crazy, that energy is more useful aimed at the people who are actaully dissagreeing with you not the people agreeing. What you're saying is common sense to most people who owns the 360 and a HDTV( I have 3 HDTV's and Two 360's you're not teaching me sh*t matter of fact I said the same god dam thing.

I own both the 1080p native 360 games(Ana" scales NBA Street Homecourt and Virtua Tennis for any TV) the fanboys are talking about the limits of some Sony HDTV's and the lock on BD movies thus the confused Africanized honey bee like behaviors.

DreamTension4869d ago

I meant to say 1.6 & 1.14

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Ahhhh4870d ago

Can't wait. It will look great playing on my 360 and on my Sony HDTV. =]

Darkiewonder4870d ago

I don't know. I want UT3 ehhh. I'll see how things pan out.

Darkiewonder4870d ago

But something tells me if I get it both for PC I can save money [not getting it for ps3 or 360] but IDK.

Hard choice :o

Shaka2K64870d ago

Best on PS3.
finally game devs taking the beast that is the PS3 seriously.

Cell+RSX+Blu-ray+best online no lag = Real next gen. gaming baby.

dvd game?
lag online gameplay?
paying to play online?
no 1080p?

mighty_douche4870d ago

but carry on with your console wars...

unlimited4870d ago

yup its free online ...dont have to pay 50 dollars like xbots..

Ri0tSquad4870d ago

of the console version.

ruibing4870d ago

I used to only buy PC games but then I got tired of having to make compromises between graphics and upgrades for my desktop every few years. I blame the developers and graphics card drivers for not even trying to optimize games for specific graphics card anymore.

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