Review: 4.5/5 for NFS ProStreet

The latest chapter in the Need For Speed franchise trades in the high speed chases, midnight races, and adrenaline-soaked sense of adventure of past titles for legally sanctioned events and high noon showdowns.

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MK_Red4870d ago

NFS: ProStreet looks like a good direction for the series and a serious improvement over the now dated fast and furious underground racing.

BloodySinner4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

This title getting a 4.5/5? I refuse to believe it. Even after playing the demo, it's the exact same nonsense EA has been pumping out for years.
The best Need for Speed game to date is Most Wanted (X360). Hands down.
Either way, I'll wait for IGN & GameSpot reviews. Because I'm in denial.

MK_Red4870d ago

Well, GamePro isn't the best review source out there. They gave Boogie (Another EA game) 4.5/5!!!!
Could EA's $$$ be involved? j/k

Madmax12819804870d ago

i disagree ye nfsmw was a great game but i have played the demo of this one too and thought it was pretty good ;)

Jamaicangmr4870d ago

I agree most wanted is the best in the series however i found the PC version the best. This is 5th on my November games to get list but am waitin to hear more about it before i pick it up.

InMyOpinion4869d ago

I hated Most Wanted and Carbon. They had so many graphic bugs (including slowdowns) that you got no sense of speed. The races felt fixed, as if it was pure luck if you ended up winning or not.

I found the NFS: Pro Street demo to be much different. Much better sense of speed, the desert racing is insane. And the cars control much better, more responsive. Also, good thing they got rid of all the gimmicky special tricks like slo-mo braking etc. I'm looking forward to playing this game.

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Jeba4870d ago

EA starting to make AAA games??? nooooo

well i thought Skate was awesome

Madmax12819804870d ago

ye skate is pretty good too of what ive played(got the demo on ps3) much better than tony hawks proving ground

Ri0tSquad4870d ago

played the demo on xbox live and it really disappointed me.

DeZimatoR4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

And it was enough to notice this game is crap...well, at least it definitely isn't worthy of a 4.5/5, not even close.

I'm guessing a 3/5 would fit it much better...

InMyOpinion4869d ago

Try playing it before you start talking crap.

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