Review: Hellgate: London 3/5

Portals to hell are opening all over the place, and demons are roaming free in such numbers that the land teeters on the edge of the abyss. Sound familiar? It should--it's the same basic premise that set the amazing Diablo series rolling.

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MK_Red4009d ago

GamePro is a rather strange site. Gives 4.5 to games like Boogie and yet 3 (6/10) to Hellgate!?

shmee4009d ago

Crysis has got 8/10 from a POLISH reviewer . PC gaming is simply gone

Douchebaggery4009d ago

yeah and some people believe in the chuppacabbra

Wii60PS3DSPSP4009d ago

It deserves at least a 4/5...

Leord4009d ago

Well, HGL could have needed a tad polish, but 3/5 come on! 4/5 at LEAST!

Rooted_Dust4008d ago

I'll trust PC Gamer's 89% review over GamePro's opinion. I do admit that this game probably isn't going to live up to it's initial hype. I guess former Blizzard employees aren't imbued with the same magical powers as actuall Blizzard employees.