27 Ways to Save the Consoles of Sony, MS and Nintendo

GamePro's well into the new generation of game consoles, yet a slew of key flaws go unaddressed. Here are 27 things Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony need to fix immediately.

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ATLRoAcH4871d ago

My SixaxiS has turned its self off a couple of times when I left it sitting.I don't remember which games they were but I know it did it once with Madden 08.

BloodySinner4871d ago

Maybe because it ran out of power? =P

ATLRoAcH4871d ago

Nope I keep it charged.I hit the PS button and finished the game.

Darkiewonder4871d ago

Mine would turn off by itself when I leave the controller Idle O.o

MK_Red4871d ago

I don't think PS2 needs saving anymore because:
1.It won the last gen race.
2.It's last gen and PS2 is near end of it's career.

BloodySinner4871d ago

I totally agree with this article.

PMR_214871d ago

gamepro is such a terrible site...I could care less about any article by them

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The story is too old to be commented.