Bungie Offering Halo: Reach Blue Flaming Helmet Through Mobile App

Michelle of writes:

"iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners with iOS 4 or higher can now receive “Blue Flames” (blue flaming helmet) and an All-Star nameplate for Halo: Reach through the Bungie Mobile application. The flaming blue helmet was previously only available to Halo: Reach game developers; now it’s available for you. The best part is, it’s free."

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Tr10wn2864d ago

Hmm i sold my iphone to buy a WP7 but seems that MS is supporting the iphone more than the WP7... and yes i know its bungie but its Microsoft game so they should pull the same deal for WP7 user.

RedDead2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Better go buy me an iPhone...

The BS Police2864d ago

No point, Bungie will be making it available to everyone on July 7th.

TheGameFoxJTV2864d ago

And Android phones > ANYTHING APPLE MAKES.

Septic2864d ago

What about Android??! Bah....