COD4 Multiplayer Gametype Settings Released

The server configuration options have just been released. You can choose from what speed you want players to run at to even customizing default classes.

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PimpHandHappy4876d ago

u can decide how fast ppl move. I can see this being a bit much but i still cant wait for this game

socomnick4876d ago

lol dont like 90 percent of games let you do this :P

nomad1174876d ago

First day buy must have it lucky ppl who have got it early need game neeeeeed game

UnblessedSoul4876d ago

Yeah can't wait for it too

DiLeCtioN4876d ago

i dunno if i should buy COD4 ive never played online on the previous versions...if i get this whats the point of haze and my clan members might not buy it.

Meus Renaissance4876d ago

The servers are dedicated or P2P? Pleases someone answer

hgdaniel4876d ago

Dedicated for PC.. p2p for xbox360 and I'm not sure about PS3

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