E311 Hands-on: Forza 4, and so much of it (SideQuesting) - Forza 4 is all about recreating accurate track and vehicle physics. Turn10 teamed up with Pirelli Tires to run tests on several of the world’s most famous and diverse tracks to map out how tires grip each kind of texture, under a variety of speeds, vehicle weights, and weather. A more accurate racer doesn’t exist, and neither does one that is as deserving of my money as this is.

A hands-on look at the standard controller and wireless wheel controls of the game, including videos of both.

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Firstkn1ghT2773d ago

Just amazing what Turn 10 has accomplished in such a short time compared to their competition. The amount of work they put in their game is second to none. The physics, graphics, and online mode are just perfection. GT5 couldn't beat Forza 3.... well Forza 4 looks to completely sit alone at the top.

mcstorm2773d ago

I am really liking the look of Forza 4 I still play fora 3 but 4 seems to blow Forza 3 out the water which goes to show there is still power to be squeezed out the 360. I like the Idea of the new controller for the none core but what they should do is have the auto go and break and have kinect picking up the wheel for the none core but I think if they sell it for over £20 not many people will pick it up as the game will be £40 on its own so none gamers spending £60 on a game is a no go but will have to wait and see.

Cant wait to the latter end of the year to pick this game up as well as Gears 3 and Halo CEA as well as Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2 will be a nice end of the year for the 360 again.