Square’s Heroes Of Ruin (3DS) Is A Grindy Good Time (Hands On) - RipTen

RipTen: Heroes of Ruin is an action RPG that has a heavy focus on multiplayer. From the start players have the option of picking from four unique classes.

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KingNintendoFanboy2681d ago

Will this game get the fan base it needs to stay successful?

CrzyFooL2681d ago

are there any other hack n slash rpgs for the 3ds?

Nostradavis2681d ago

Grindy good time, that's what she said.

dragunrising2681d ago

Only if your mind is in the gutter (at the moment) I suppose. The innuendo went over my head :-p Perhaps I'm just tired or have played too many "grindy" type games haha.

Invadersims2681d ago

A hack an slash title on a handheld? This is like my dream come true.

Matronedea2681d ago

Aaaaaand another game that's getting me interested in the 3DS.

dragunrising2681d ago

I have a good feeling the 3DS will have a pretty good game selection in 6 months to a years time. Glad I already have one though- Zelda Oot comes out today :-)

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