Sly Cooper 4: PS3 Hardware Allows for New Possibilities, Sucker Punch Involved in Game Development

At E3, Sanzaru Games revealed that they will be developing an all-new installment to the franchise with Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time. Set to release in 2012, there is much to learn about the upcoming project, but the development team is sharing insightful information about the title and sharing how the extra power of the PS3 will be implemented in this exciting new entry of the franchise.

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newn4gguy2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )



I'm deeply concerned now.

Edit: Why so many disagrees? The only thing I saw them show at E3 was a teaser trailer. I assumed it was Sucker Punch.

I like the Sly Collection. It was well done. That gives me hope. It's just that Sucker Punch really knows how to step up a franchise. Not every developer can or has done that.

christheredhead2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

im pretty sure it was announced from the beginning that it was being handled by the studio that did the sly collection, sanzaru games. its good news to hear that sucker punch is now involved. i have full faith that they'll pull off a great title.

Abash2734d ago

How can anyone be concerned about Sly: Thieves in Time after seeing the gameplay demo vids?

Sanzaru Games are making the Sly 4 everyone has been begging for, seriously. They have a great vision of what a Sly PS3 should be like, and it's because it's staying true to the past games.

DrRichtofen2734d ago

Does Sony own Sanzaru Games or are they a 2nd party developer like insomniac was?

thief2734d ago

No, they are independent, even develop games for the wii.
They are the ones who made Sly HD collection, in case you dont know
I think Sly 4 is in safe hands.

colonel1792734d ago

Don't be concerned though. Sanzaru games know they are doing, and every decision is being approved by Sucker Punch.

Nitrowolf22734d ago

The game looks absolutely stunning from what they have shown. Aside from Sly character look being a bit complained about, they look like they are doing an excellent job.

clearelite2734d ago

Don't take it personally bro. The game looks to be shaping up very nicely. Your concern is actually a sign that you care and you want the game to turn out nicely. But, have no worries, this studio is on top of things and sucker punch's input along with technical assistance will ensure a quality experience for us gamers.

aPerson2734d ago

@ newn4gguy:

Here's a 8 minute gameplay demo from E3:

You have nothing to be worried about.

Pintheshadows2733d ago

It's that guy wearing a suit! Why? Who does he think he is?

Jack-Dangerously2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I think the disagrees are from people who knew it was not sucker punch who are making it but where too lazy (save for one) to simply tell you the facts.

No worries, as you mentioned you liked the Sly Collection. With Sucker Punch in hand I'm sure it will AT LEAST stack up to it's predecessors. :)


When I said "save for one" I wasn't referring to myself lol. That is all.

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nightmarex1212734d ago

It's either this or nothing i supposed.

Michael-Jackson2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

This is old, rehash info and grasping on straws from examiner. Not even a real gaming site, go and continue submitting box arts and ESRB ratings.

yakuzakazuya2734d ago

I hope they nail the humor of Sly series.

RockmanII72734d ago

Sanzaru Games? They don't exactly have the best track record.