PCGamer- Terraria Review

PCGamer: "Terraria starts like a less satisfying version of Minecraft, squashed into a 2D platformer. It ends as a terrific exploration game, packed with places to discover. Floating islands, festering Corrupted Lands and huge multi-level dungeons guarded by boss monsters are just a few things you can unearth once you’ve crafted yourself a pair of pants sturdy enough to survive this world.

To find the materials and items to build these things, you’re going to have to go travelling, which is where Terraria really shines. Tunnelling into a vast and intimidating cavern for the first time was horrible. How nervously I threw a torch over the edge to find out what new creature was emitting the awful growling noise that had made me tarnish my copper trousers. Then there was the time I found that underground jungle full of nether-hornets, or the giant mushroom forest guarded by a Mother Slime. It feels like there’s no end of new areas to discover."

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