Naughty Dog on Uncharted 3’s water and other interactive physics objects

Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer comments on how the water and other interactive physics objects will add to the gameplay in the upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

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Close_Second2682d ago

I'm afraid I just take Uncharted's gfx for granted as they have always been top notch. I just hope they nail another great story and this time top it off with a great ending.

Hoje03082682d ago

I just hope they include some more of the moody environments found in the second half of Drakes Fortune. Whatever the case, it's Uncharted and I'm going to love it.

TheBossMan2682d ago

Chloe's backside better be true-to-life physics enabled... or ND will forever feel my wrath!


That woman ls 30ish years old who doesn't looks to be thegym junkie kind, but none the less she has a solid upwarding ass of a 16 years old girl, why you want reality to ruin that?

Iroquois_Pliskin2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

me when playing uncharted 2 :

THC CELL2682d ago

best game,water and physics ever. yes i am balld deep up nd ass at this moment.

clevernickname2682d ago

I recall an article that talked about the incredible water technology that Naughty Dog developed and how the tech actually goes back as far as the first game, how they wanted to use it in various parts of Drake's Fortune (there were plans to feature a water/swimming level in the old Nazi bunker, apparently) but they just didn't have the time to develop the ideas properly.

joab7772682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Are ppl really challenging naughty dog on how unimpressive their physics are? How many games can create the graphical fidelity of uncharted while also allowing every object to stand on it's own physically so that any interaction will cause the object to react to either the initial action or the environment. Also, did he say that a cruise ship existing as such an object was small? It is probably an entire level inside an object that exists in a similar manner to the mentioned chandelier. This actually means that the ship will react to the ocean its engulfed in as well as nathan and the enemies. No other game does this; everything is scripted w pre rendered animations. I wanna know where they find all the memory to do this on the ps3. The game is tailored to a linear story, but my goodness, i cannot wait til they get their hands on a ps4. Imagine what they will b doing 3 games into that generation.

house2682d ago

thats why i have always said naughty dog (and the rest of sonys 21 studios) are the do the best with very little i can only imagine what these guy can do with 4gbs of ram and 2 gbs of vram looks great to look forward to the future games and the ps4! haha

Bathyj2682d ago

I know hey. People are sometime to dumb to know something impressive when they see it.

Like you said, the whole ship is a level that can be flipped or turned to react to the water. Whose to say that flipping and turning is even going to be a set piece. It might be totally random just like real waves. Do people realise that means, that level could feasibly play differently everytime, depending on what the ship does? You could have a gunfight on one playthrough, and then find the next time round neither of you can even stand upright and just be tossed into the water.

ND are putting the building blocks in place for a game that could literally have as much an impact on gaming as sandbox did, but it a much better way.

yakuzakazuya2682d ago

That whole capsizing cruise ship is so well done, I almost forgot I was watching a game! Naughty Dog is doing things with physics and animation that no other developer dares to attempt.

Unfortunately, this year is flooded with top quality AAA games. I don't think Uncharted 3 is going to win GoTY but it's still going to be my favorite.

joab7772681d ago

U may b right about Goty, but don't count them out. They have much going for them. First, they have won it before. 2nd, they are actually making real improvements such as adding water physics, sand, and multiple set pieces like the train as well as aiming to make multi as popular as gow is on Xbox, a great 3rd person shooter. Also, remember this, it is an exclusive. Games like skydiving., b3, etc. will take their licks on certain consolesor because they are compared to PC. We can count out mw3...we just can. I don't think rage's story can compare. Maybe revelations but it will need to go above and beyond to separate itself from previous installments that haven't won. Batman has a chance but suffers from super hero stigma. Again all of these are mutiplatform. Gears3, i believe wont win because it has always been compared to uncharted. It may still win, because mass effect 3 and bioshock infinite release next year. When all is said and done though, it willb between skyrim, B3, & U3. And there's so many goty awards. It'll win some.

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