Xbox Live Indie-Dome: June 6th – 12th, 2011

CFD!'s Rob Rich reviews some of the latest indie titles to invade XBLIG: "Wow, this was a rather ho-hum week. It wasn’t even until the last few games that I found a Must Play. Then Another one. Then crap. Still, I suppose a balance of two great and two awful games, along with a host of decent ones, isn’t all that bad."

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RobsteinOne2680d ago

Oh Call Me Skyfish... you're like a bad joke gone horribly, horribly wrong. Or worse.

Uplion2680d ago

Hello, I am the actual developer of Call Me Skyfish. :)

Uplion2680d ago

Call Me Skyfish ... 8/10

This is a separate review of Skyfish someone did. I've also included the video review of it. Instead of writing it off, please try it. At that point, I'm happy to take as much criticism as possible.


P.S. According to the latest list on (June 16th or so), we've outsold Rageous Axe (all-time best seller list) and on the frontpage of the best-sellers list (June 16th or so). Hmmm...

P.P.S I've been a big n4g reader for years, so this makes me feel silly. :D