Mass Effect 3 Preview - The Reapers Must Pay! -

MMGN writes: I wish I'd seen more of this game in action because it looks absolutely outstanding. Never has a game been so quick to twist my emotions as Mass Effect 3 did. I walked away genuinely angry at the Reapers and what they were doing to my planet, and that tells me more about the game than any amount of hands-on time could.

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SageHonor2679d ago

*Sighs*... Nothing new here.. Just repeating the same crap as other websites.. When are wwe going to get new info

mananimal2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

EA/BIOWARE will pay, with a none purchase from me. This game will rape your wallet with dlc in 2012, tht should be included with game, day 1. Plus now the Homo/Lesbo' No thanks, I will show you who's boss, ME!, don't need to finish this franchise anyhow, they'll be plenty of shooters in 2012, tht wont ask me to compromise in the same fashion, Nuff said. p.s- didnt even mention the KINECT thing, lol, oh how the mighty have fallen..... oh well, more $$$ saved, YESSSS! lol