Lost Planet to remain 360 exclusive, producer confirms

Takeuchi confirms that LP:EC will remain exclusive to the Xbox 360, saying, "Lost Planet is an exclusive Xbox 360 title. Typically when the development team sets out to create a game, we focus development of the title on a single platform and for Lost Planet that platform is the Xbox 360."

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TheMART5874d ago

Sony looses the so called 'exclusives' like Assassins Creed, 360 keeps them

Now think about what you buy this CHristmas. I would get the one with the most and most exiting exclusives. Which is 360 for sure

THAMMER15873d ago

This game will be awsome. If you ave saints row or fight night I would like to play some. My gamer tag is THAMMER1.

omansteveo5873d ago

Is it cool if i add you to my friends list?

Aramis0015873d ago

Has any1 played the demo and can tell me how it is? I never got around to downloading it. Also what's the release date?

omansteveo5873d ago

Lost PLanet is awesome it releases this january, if you dont donload the demo they have pretty sweet trailer up that kinda lets you know what its like but its a really good game

Balance5873d ago

yeah lost planet was pretty cool (the demo) i can only imagine what the real game is like. the saints row demo was cool but the finished game is insane. Lost planet is one of those games you don't need to play the demo to see if it is worth the $60, just go buy it the day the it comes out.

SDS Overfiend5873d ago

Mines ls SDS Overfiend i send a Request if it ok?

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