[GAMINGtruth] Duke Nukem Forever Review

We all know the story that has haunted the long development of such a high caliber icon in the video game world, and finally after twelve years of waiting the Duke has returned.

Every hardcore gamer out there has fond memories of the Duke and his witty one liners from Duke Nukem 3D, and know of what playing a Duke Nukem game feels like. I saw the reviews come out shortly before the game launch and I had to chuckle inside.

I knew going in that the game wasn't an epic accomplishment, nor did I go into Duke Nukem Forever with high hopes of this being the next Call of Duty.

I went into Duke Nukem Forever with the mind set of wanting to be reminded of what brought me to video games in the first place. Mission accomplished.

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Excalibur2732d ago

very good review.

I think its important to note that this game was even released, its historically important, and it closes the book on this chapter of gaming history.

For some of these reviewers to not take that in to account is asinine.

Gearbox made no secret in telling people they would be getting DNF in its original form.

The biggest thing people fail to realize is Gearbox had a very difficult job to do, to basically take a 13 year old, stinky mound of code, touched and modified by a dozen different teams and somehow make it work.

That they shipped it at all is a triumph and Kudos to Gearbox.

This is a game for Duke fans, plain and simple.

OhMyGandhi2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

that's precisely the problem. Most reviewers DO take the insanely long development time into account when reviewing the game.
They EXPECT a game to have a reasonable level of polish, to reward those who waited so patiently for the game's release.
The scores reflect their disappointment, providing the explanation of "we waited this long...for this?"
Look at a game like "Too Human" and the critics gave that game NO mercy in terms of length of development and it shows as well.