What’s new in Skyrim: New Radiant AI and Radiant Story

Does "new radiant AI" differ from what Bethesda used in Oblivion? This article attempts to find out, first by looking into the old system, flaws an all.

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zgoldenlionz2683d ago

i read an article about oblivion talking about there AI and how scuma addicts would kill for money and scuma, so me and a buddy duped about a thousand scuma all over a town hoping the addicts would at least pick it up but all it did was make the game crash whenever i went back to that village. even though it didnt work me and my buddy had a great time laughing at what we hoped would happen.

theinkandpen2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Yeah, it could be good fun I tried in Bravil at Carandial's place. I think it was originally designed so every character would go out of their way for their needs; like if NPC-A needed a broom and another NPC-B had one, A would happily kill B to get it. If they left that in the world would be filled with psychos and more than half the NPC's would get killed, not to mention the mess with the imperial guards.

It's all in there though and its moddable. One guy wrote a mod taking advantage of Radiant, where an NPC would put things like books or items back in place if your character would pick them up and throw them about. Also it lowered disposition by a bit.

Xof2683d ago

Should have a PS3 tag, not PSP.

theinkandpen2683d ago

You are right, it was a mistake. I don't think its possible to edit after publication?