Mass Effect 3 fans rest assured, the game will be SP focused

DSOGaming writes: "After the massive MP rumors we've received today for Mass Effect 3, we got a bit nervous. Will BioWare literally destroy another great franchise? The answer is no. The game will be focused on what it does best."

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Nate-Dog2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

That's just stating the obvious though really. I mean would Bioware really be that stupid to actually put more focus on a multiplayer mode than on an SP mode in the finale to one of the biggest series this gen? No, but then again it seems like they're intent on putting in a tacked on multiplayer mode into a game that doesn't need it thus taking time away from the SP which is all the game needs. What people are worried about is the SP getting less time and having less focus than it ought to have because of the development of MP functionality, not that SP won't be the focus anymore. Bioware are just trying to save face though now and with almost all of the Mass Effect fans methinks it's not going to work.

Godmars2902869d ago

If SP does suffer from MP being added, a lot of people wont be finding out till after the fact.

koehler832869d ago

I have absolutely no worries regarding ME3.

WhiteLightning2869d ago

Shame they can't focus more on the RPG elements aswell, it just seems like any other third person shooter now, I knew they were going down this path as soon as they added thermal clips

femshep2869d ago

yeah just like you said me2 is still an rpg....bioware you went to far this time sorry don't care

SageHonor2869d ago

Are you a long term bioware fan? Can you explain how?

NYC_Gamer2869d ago

bioware could have refused all of this mainstream bull crap but instead they are rolling with the changes

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