Edge: Alice: Madness Returns Review

Edge: "The Unreal engine lives up to its name: not since Mario Galaxy has a game pumped out such a babble of visual styles. If the spirit of Carroll exists at all in Madness Returns, it is in the constant hunger for the next oddity.

But this is normalcy reskinned as nonsense. Platforming repeats the same networks of floating squares and upward gusts from level to level, hoping to disguise this by changing what is jumped on.

The game’s visual and combative energy spark the urge to see where it goes next. If only there was something to do when you get there."

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callahan092682d ago

Just bought the PC version. Excited to try it out. It looks visually intriguing to me. I hope that's enough.

evercast2682d ago

I got this on PC today and I'm really enjoying it.. i like the graphics I like the story and its a good platformer. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

DOOMZ2682d ago

The game is awesome! I dont know what builds these sites are using or if their even plaing the game much at all... Its a amazing game, these reviews can suck it...

Raider692682d ago

I get the feeling that shadow of the damned is going to score low on edge too.The reviewer makes several comparison between Alice ande Shadow and not in a good way.I really dont understand the use of comparison between the two games.

TheLastGuardian20102682d ago

Incompetent reviewers are incompetent.

Alice 2 is a darkhorse for goty. Not some bargin title they're making this out to be.