E3 2011: Infinity Ward Gets Down With Ghost Recon Online on the Wii U (Video)

Joel Taveras writes, "After finishing up my Nintendo booth interview and Wii U tech demos, our tour guide directed us to the Ghost Recon Online demo that was running on the Wii U below us. When we made our way downstairs from the press deck and over to the VIP line I noticed a bunch of the Infinity Ward team member surrounding the title with their eyes glued as they passed the controller around. I have to say that the best part of it was when I realized that these guys are part of a company which produces what is undoubtedly the best selling product in the industry, yet they’re just as excited as the rest of us when they get the chance to see new hardware. You’ll even notice in the video one of the guy’s offered me the controller but never actually gives it up. Its pretty funny actually, take a look for yourself."

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Dart892734d ago

I know i'll probably get disagrees but the guy must have been saying why am i still working on the same game every year this one looks better.

dubal-e2733d ago

yea ima disagree on that one, but this is the coolest story yet. With someone as respected as Infinity Ward glued to the Wii U. This story won't reach 1000 degrees like some Playstation fanboy story would on this site but its definantly up there as far as how intresting it is.