Destructoid - Alice: Madness Returns Review

Destructoid - In spite of tedium and technical faults, I quite enjoyed Alice: Madness Returns, which says quite a bit for the extraordinary world McGee has created from the blueprint of Caroll's original tales. Fans of the original Alice find plenty of here to love, and will certainly want to return to Wonderland to work towards a satisfying narrative conclusion. For others, putting up with the game's monotonous design may prove to be a personal spiral into madness they may want to avoid.

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cmoyano2705d ago destructoid gives alice a 7 but the witcher 2 a 6....go fuck urself destructoid, ur warranty has voided

TheLastGuardian20102705d ago


1. Alice 2 is actually a GOOD game...please note I'm not dissing on The Witcher 2....

2. Jim Sterling reviewed Witcher 2...Jim Sterling is a douche. Alice 2 was reviewed by someone who isn't jim sterling, and someone who isn't...a douche.

3. So, yeah...:)