Kotaku - Tomb Raider Hopes to Recreate a Gaming Icon

Kotaku - Don't think of Tomb Raider as an origin story, think of it instead as a sort of metaphorical creation myth, a game that won't redefine just who Lara Croft is, but also the world in which she exists.

Gone not only is her over-sexualized physique, two guns and ponytail, but also her past, her way of fighting and abrupt personality.

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Dannehkins2775d ago

The best and worst thing that happened to Tomb Raider was Eidos.

Eidos published Tomb Raider to be an incredibly successful gaming icon in the PS1 era, but their lust for money caused them to put unreasonable demands on Core Design. Tomb Raider came so close to ending at Tomb Raider 4: Last Revelations, but Eidos insisted that there should be more sequels. Then it just ran dry...

Square Enix, from what I've saw, has an extremely good idea of rebooting Lara. It's new, it's interesting, most of all it is FRESH!