"Big Announcement" Planned For Planetside Next at SOE Fan Faire

It has been a rather tough time for Sony Online Entertainment, with huge layoffs and a massive data breach causing the MMO publisher to cancel projects and lose the trust of a huge proportion of its fans. Luckily, however, PlanetSide Next wasn't canceled, so fans of the massively multiplayer game will still be able to play the title when it releases later this year. But with E3 not revealing any new info on the game, many were worried it would be a while before we heard anything about the title. Luckily, we won't have to wait too long.

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dbjj120882864d ago

Dang, SOE saved something for after E3!

doctorstrange2864d ago

I was upset their E3 showing was kinda meh.

BigWoopMagazine2864d ago

yeah, it was pretty lame, I barely spent any time in their booth area, cause I'd already seen most of it before E3

Trexman892864d ago

Hopefully the announcement isn't, "it's cancelled!"

insertcoin2864d ago

Not sure what Sony is going to do with SOE. I'll feel bad if it shuts down.

Allowen2864d ago

Please, let it be EverQuest 3 !

morganfell2864d ago

That actually makes more sense as Dust 514 will fill much of the ground (and more) that Planetside will cover.

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