Terraria Developer Update - 1.0.5 and More

A brand new post from Terraria's "Blue" covers all the changes to come in the next update.

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blitz0x2774d ago

I'm excited to see a lot of these updates! Keep them coming!

agentxk2774d ago

There has been a ton of support from the beginning. Good stuff!

KingDustero2774d ago

Man this is killing me. I own the game, but my crappy PC won't play it.

I'm really glad the devs are supporting the game so well and are listening to the community.

I have a feeling these guys will go very far.

Kon2774d ago

Why? The game looks like an 8-bit game. I think even the lamest computer can run it.

agentxk2774d ago

Hardcore mode looks great, I like the shop idea too!

blitz0x2774d ago

Yeah that officially refreshes my interest in the game :)

Magic_Spatula2774d ago

Man this game is addicting. I've already sunk in almost 100 hours into it, and gotten almost every equipment pieces I wanted, except the Rocket Boots. 13 Goblin Invasions and not one dropped. :(

CaptainSquirts2774d ago

Oh geez I only had 1 goblin invasion and me and my friend defended our house and we both got rocket boots :p

soundslike2774d ago

My friend got one within the first 10 minutes of playing lol

Shackdaddy8362774d ago

I like how bats, hornets, eyes, and slimes can't go under water anymore. They just get so annoying after awhile...

soundslike2774d ago

yea, especially without a cobalt shield. Knockback is so OP