GameTrailers: Duke Nukem Forever Video Review

GameTrailers writes:

"Does Duke kick ass or make small talk? Find out in our official Duke Nukem Forever review."

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TheEatingChampagne2680d ago

I'm so happy I have a mind of my own and I make my own decisions..
If I listened to all these reviews I'd skip on this fun and awesome game..

LoaMcLoa2680d ago

Yeah, I don't care what anyone says! This game is actually fun, and fun to play

Army_of_Darkness2680d ago

maybe the developers had a little to much fun making this game?!

TKCMuzzer2680d ago

Usually buying a game can easily alter your view as to justify the money spent. We have to be honest, this does not compare to any of the AAA fps shooters out there.
It's good to be fun but for it's development time it should have been so much more and is an opportunity missed.

Paradicia2680d ago

Not good for dukes ego meter, at all.

Legionaire20052680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

To think that Gametrailers come to the rescue...Nope! Just like every review its another bad one to add to the meta- critics. I'm glad I trade in this game today LOL!!! Fear 3 is looking to be the better game out of all games this month. I don't understand how a game could be in development for so long and turn out bad? It should of been the opposite. Many people gave up on this game release for crying out loud!! They could of made this game better!!!! with better graphics and gameplay that could've rival Bulletstorm!! what happen? I can't believe none of the developers even give this game a second look before release? This game was overhype just as bad as Haze. Even that game is better. They need to make a sequel to fix the image of Duke Nukem. What a bad comeback. It didn't even live up to Duke's quote. "After 12 fu*cking years it better be good." Well Duke it aint good, but the soul still burns. Soul!!!! Cailbur!!!! LOL!!!!