123Kinect: See an adorable kid nail Dance Central’s hard mode

At the Microsoft store in Bellevue Square. too adorable! He was playing Disturbia on the HARD level. AMAZING!

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NAGNEWS2865d ago

it looks like a marketing video for kinect

Roukuko2865d ago

little man got moves lol

SixZeroFour2865d ago

the little guy is hacking, im sure of it

DNAbro2865d ago

lol @ the old guy who comes along and sees him dancing

geth1gh2865d ago

In today's day and age I almost felt scared for that kid when that man came around.

geth1gh2862d ago

okay, there was no serious in that statement. it was JOKE.

no reason to hate.

Dasteru2865d ago

common sense sure flew out the window on that one, You can't photoshop videos

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The story is too old to be commented.