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RipTen: Although it was only announced in the past few months, ArmA III is definitely at the top of my most wanted list when it comes to upcoming PC games.

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Kon2864d ago

There will be only one definitive shooter in 2012... Arma III

ATiElite2864d ago


Bohemia Interactive should have waited for Gamescon 2011 to announce Arma III therefore it would of gotten it's proper debut as E3 is the Super Bowl for console gaming (although BF3 PC ruled it with an Iron fist)

Arma III is a day zero pre-order for me! I've been trying to give Bohemia interactive my money all day long. So far me and my Arma 2 squad mates are very very pleased.

Arma is NOT like Operation Flashpoint. They started the same and had the same Devs but Arma is as real to combat your gonna get without going through basic training while OP Flash is.....what ever it is (crap).

Battlefiled 3 = total warfare with a slight arcade feel.
Arma III = The Real Deal!

i'll be getting both along with Red Orchestra 2....Got Dam it feels good to be a PC Gamer!

caboose322864d ago

This and Red orchestra 2 are all I need! BTW when does RO2 come out? Steam just says 2011.

morganfell2864d ago

ArmA II (Combined Arms) with Ace 2 is the current leader. Only ArmA 3 with RV4 can supplant it. It is great to see underwater operations (that aren't on a rail) and HALO ops included. Thank you USAJFKSWCS.

zero_cool2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

if were talking realistic modern fps then it will be battlefield 3!

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Sigmarue2864d ago

I'd pick this up long before Modern Warfare 3.

SpaceSquirrel2864d ago

Looking great. So many good FPS this year

BeastlyRig2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

This comes next year! summer! WARNING: this is only for the hardcore!

Don't forget about Red Orchestra 2!! 64 players man!!

PC is doing great & Valve has an exclusive game for pc later this year yay!

Edit: Metro on pc dx11 drool..

Rearden2864d ago

Battlefield 3 took all the attention from ArmA 3 and other shooters. ArmA 3 shouldn't even have been at E3 due to the stiff competition from BF3 and MW3. They should've done something interesting, something for the fans -- maybe in association with E3.

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