Self-Contained Mobile Xbox 360 and PS3 is Coming

VG Cosplay: "CompuExpert, and GAEMS., Inc. announced today that the G155 mobile gaming system for the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game and entertainment systems (both Elite and the new Slim design) and the PlayStation 3 Slim computer entertainment system will be available for pre-order through, and, with deliveries beginning as early as June 23rd and continuing while supplies last."

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slavish32869d ago

mobile ps3? isn't that why vita is coming out?

VampiricDragon2868d ago

dont be silly. The vita is a sell contained portable with theoretically its own library. Its not a mobile ps3

bwazy2869d ago

Not gonna lie. When I seen the "G155" title I really thought that Logitech finally invented a Mouse and Keyboard that worked with both systems....

Fuck I wish.

Dlacy13g2868d ago

So... the concept is pretty cool, but I have one big issue with this for either system... heat. Maybe the bottom of the case is totally vented but... I can't see putting either systme into a foam case with just the top, front, and back of the system open to air being a good idea. Isn't the main fan for the PS3 on the bottom of the system? Arn't the vents for both systems on the horizontal sides of it? I feel like this is just asking for an overheated console.

Zashule2868d ago

Agreed. First thing I thought was, "Red Rings are gonna be back in style!"

THWIP712868d ago's all in one neat little package...monitor, speakers, etc. Don't strain your brain too much trying to comprehend this. :o

CNXN2868d ago

so a briefcase with a tv... meh

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The story is too old to be commented.