'Balls Of Steel Edition' Art Book Sheds Light On How Duke Nukem Forever Came To Be

Botchweeds Liam Griffiths writes, "I pre-ordered the Limited ‘Balls Of Steel’ Edition, and amongst all the pieces of memorabilia is something that sheds a little bit of light on what Gearbox’s actual involvement in the game was, and where their intent was in releasing the game some are calling ‘virtually unplayable’.

This Limited Edition set came with an exclusive Art Book, showing early concepts of The Duke and it makes for some pretty interesting reading if you’re a fan of the games, but what you might be most interested in hearing is what Gearbox Software Boss-man Randy Pitchford, and 3D Realms Co-founder Scott Miller have to say about the games origins"

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DrFUD2680d ago

DNF is a classic!
Nobody thought it would ever release and now that it has there's never been anything like it with all the reactions and reviews all over the place.
I'm surprised there hasn't been any riots or virgin sacrifices (Duke would not be pleased) because its reception is so divided heaven and hell might find it funny.