DICE: we won't rest until Battlefield 3 is utterly polished

In a new interview with DICE producer Lars Gustavsson, he said "We won’t rest until it’s utterly polished.", saying that DICE and Battlefield 3 is in it for the long run.

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Convas2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Well, I believe them there. I have quite a bit of respect for them. They decided it was better to continue working on the 360 version, than bring a half-assed version of the game for 360 to E3.

And so far, they are at the peak of their PC game. We'll see about the PS3 tonite, but I don't doubt they will deliver on all three platforms. DICE isn't a run-of-the-mill developer.

That said, I just wish that EA would stop spewing crap for the game. We've seen it in action, it is what it is, and we're excited for it. Just make sure you get the game done, and get on with it.

Rearden2680d ago

They said in the interview that they're focusing on releasing solid versions on all platforms. Also, I think DICE has earned themselves quite a lot of freedom from EA with their success.

ShoryukenII2679d ago

EA has been talking very big and it looks like they know that they must deliver. I can't wait for console footage tonight. =D

Queefy_B2680d ago

DICE: we won't rest until Battlefield 3 is utterly polished

Wish a certain "other company" had the same ideals.

coolasj2680d ago

Are you talking about Pandemic?
Hahaha.... awwwww :(

TekoIie2680d ago

I'll be honest here im not seeing what everyone else is i mean was MOH mp polished? And please dont come up with the most fanboyish response possible by saying "It was EA that F'ed up MOH".

Either way Battlefield 3 is definatly on my to buy list this year but not a day 1 buy...

AzaziL2679d ago

Hopefully the servers are polished and not crashing or lagging on launch week (like BC2, 2142, and BF2's launch). Sucks when you have the game on day one but have to wait a week or so to actually enjoy it.

Rearden2679d ago

It looked pretty solid at E3.

bumnut2679d ago

Agreed, but thats what happens when so many people try to login at the same time.

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Ninver2680d ago

And i wont buy unless it is. glad we got that settled.

kaveti66162679d ago

I'm sure everyone is pining for your approval...

tdrules2680d ago

EA: No you'll finish it on the date we say you do

CommonCent2679d ago

I think you are confused with Activision.

ddurand12680d ago

any word on if they're doing that VIP bullcrap that they did with BC2?

NBT912680d ago

Nope, but I would have thought they will do...

MidnytRain2680d ago

Really? I didn't think it was bullcrap. I bought the game, put in the code, and got regular updates. I was pretty happy about the package in general.

On another note, I think any enemy player attempting to enter a team's base in Conquest should be instantly killed. The only purpose for those actions are spawn camping and rigging vehicles to explode. Both of which are incredibly cheap.

ddurand12680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

My experience is different. First, my code didnt work out of the box. Second, all of those updates should have been included in the final retail package.

Updating maps for different modes and requiring a VIP code for things that should be done already is lazy and inconvenient. Not to mention splitting the community like that.

Ducky2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

^ Their other option was removing the VIP codes and making the DLC purchasable for all players (instead of making it free to VIP ones)

Not all the maps were on the disc. The last map-pack contained 4 new maps (which added quite a bit of variety to the game) and a few of the earlier ones were also different (i.e. some modified data had to be downloaded, so it wasn't all on the disc)

In my books, VIP > having to pay for DLC.
Of course, making the DLC free to all players is better than both choices.

BeOneWithTheGun2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I disagree. IRL our special ops teams break into enemy compounds and disable/disarm their vehicles. I remember playing Rainbow 6 Vegas and Black Arrow and being spawned camped A LOT. Some people whined and quit early. No me. I stay and fight until the time runs out. Some days your are the hunter, others, the prey.

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