Prey 2 -- TVGB E3 impressions

TVGB: "Some games have heavily anticipated sequels. At this point, it’s never a surprise when a new Halo, Mario, Call of Duty, or Uncharted is announced. They’re hot properties and the people behind them want to keep that train rolling. This can only be good for consumers to have more of a thing they enjoy, but it’s probably a little rough on the developers. They’ll want to try new things, but they can’t deviate too much from the original formula or they’ll lose their fans. But on the other hand, some games come and go, and no one ever expects a sequel to come, or no one thinks it will happen by this point. These are generally games that do ok sales-wise, but garner modest but dedicated followings. These are lesser series like Monolith’s Shogo, Bubsy, or long-dormant ones like Earthworm Jim. Games like these, if given the chance for a sequel, have a lot of leg room. It’s been so long since their originals that the expectations are pretty low. Sure, a certain core spirit remains, but on the whole there is a premise and a platform on which developers have a lot more freedom to deviate and tinker. Enter Prey 2, a game that has less to do with the first game than a Final Fantasy entry does with any that comes before/after it."

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