Sony Wins E3 Easily

So there were definitely a few questions left after E3. Should Microsoft have announced the new Xbox? After that presentation, I would say yes. Did Nintendo attract an audience with the Wii U? Hard to say with the lack of specs given. Did Sony do enough to justify winning this? They're offering new things that the competitors didn't. Sony is also getting a lot of support on exclusive content.

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pedrami912682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Are we still debating this ?

Look, there was only one clear winner at E3 and that obviously was gamers.

Godmars2902682d ago

Unless you were expecting more mainline support from MS, or a clear idea of Nintendo's next console. Just saying.

Sony did well, but there were no major, over the top, surprises.

afterMoth2682d ago

All three were lackluster but Sony had the best showing of actual games and the killer price point for Vita.

MS is dead last unless you are in the 3-6 year old range, then MS was first.

Queefy_B2682d ago

Well Sony announced new games and a kick as$ handheld at a very good price so Sony had me most excited at E3 so for me Sony had the best conference by default really.

MysticStrummer2682d ago

Most people who are interested in the gaming industry, both consumers and journalists, disagree with the assertion that there wasn't a clear winner.

StbI9902682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Dude VITA WON, what gamers nor gamers...fck that, Viva la VITA...vita had me applauding lololol

Maxned2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Sony didnt announce anything new. While the Vita is absolutely amazing, their actual E3 press conference was 2nd to Nintendo, who announced tons of new games and a promising new console.

Here comes the disagrees despite a completely valid statement.

KonaBro2682d ago

if it took into account that the only thing Nintendo did right was announce games for the 3DS. Once the Wii U presentation started, things went downhill quickly. Instead of an announcement that would have blown E3 apart, we got a messy reveal that gave us little to no details and confused a majority of the people following it. Sony wins.

Maxned2681d ago


How was the WiiU bad?

It is 50% more powerful than the 360 and Ps3, and tons of 3rd party developers confirmed their support for it. Not only that, but Nintendo confirmed SSB for WiiU and showcased some really cool uses of the new controller.

On TOP of that, Nintendo showed/announced Starfox 3DS, Luigi's Mansion 2, Kid Icarus, and the awesome-looking Super Mario.

It's pretty simple, really. Sony showed nothing new, they just showed off already announced software and hardware.

ATiElite2682d ago

Look, there was only one clear winner at E3 and that obviously was gamers.

What r you talking about? I didn't win one Got Dam thing and I must of entered at least 50 drawings. lol

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jacksonmichael2682d ago

Is your reply to his comment a joke? (to save some time, my comment is).

liore2682d ago

In terms of the content of games sony won hands down

Ninver2682d ago

i wonder if there will be a trade in deal for psp slim.

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