VGRevolution: Dungeon Siege III Review

VGRevolution: Getting rid of the traditional party-based system, deep character customizations, and slower strategic format of its past two games, Dungeon Siege III is a refreshing take on the series that provides you with a fast-paced action role-playing experience that is great to share with friends.

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VampiricDragon2773d ago

Yeah lets get rid of deep character customizations and deep party systems, and strategy.

And lets just make it a fast paced generic 10 hour action role playing game

Thats what I got out of that article

MidnytRain2773d ago

I'm guessing you don't like action RPGs. I do, though, so I will get this at some point. I can't now because I recently bought inFAMOUS 2. Anyone who says 2011 has no games is crazy.

VampiricDragon2773d ago

I love action rpgs. But dont change what the series is and make it worse.

It was like making arc the lad an action rpg

MidnytRain2773d ago

Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony was an action RPG.

Xof2773d ago

Dungeon Siege has never had deep character customization, party systems, or strategy of any kind. It was always a fast-paced Action-RPG game, in that genre most frequently known as "Diablo-clone."

The first two games were the only "clones" with the possible exception of Torchlight's short-lived fame to grab its own, unique identity. Yes, Dungeon Siege III is an awful game, but that's mostly due to very, very poor execution, not because of any changes made to the core DS formula.