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"Lengthy title, I know. Don’t Take It Personally… by Christine Love is more of an interactive novel than anything else. You are put in the position of “John” (good name), a new teacher at a high school in the not too distant future. The school that you work at currently allows the students to use a social networking service similar to Facebook in its early days, though the only people that can use it are the students of the school. There are messages, wall posts, comments and so on but there’s a bit of a twist. In order to “better communicate and monitor the students”, the school (specifically you, the teacher) has full access to all the student’s activities on this social network. You see every profile change, message, every bitchy comment about everybody else, who likes who and so on."

-John from That Gamer Hub

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Neckbear2734d ago

Meh, tried playing this.

And it reminded me of why I loathe teenagers, and my time being a teacher in a local High School. So, good going, game. With your meme-spouting, perhaps realist idea of a cybernetic era, you made me want to kill every single character presented, and their overly-simplistic dramas. You made me wish to slap every single one of those kids, and tell them to grow the hell up.

Just like in my personal experience. So, hooray for that.

Too bad it's a videogame, yet the option to actually kill them was not present. Thus, you suck, game.

Surfaced2734d ago

Wow. So did you teach as a substitute or what?

Surfaced2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

So this is like a visual novel, right?
Might give it a whirl when I'm bored.