The Return of AMD's FX Processor

A look at the new 8-core processor called "Zambezi."

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BatRastered2776d ago

Between this and Ivy Bridge at the end of the year, I'm going to have to build a new machine soon! I don't know what I'll need 8 cores for though.

Raptura2776d ago

8 cores for hardcore hd porn

ATiElite2775d ago

I like AMD but they have got to be more aggressive cause Intel is just stomping a mud hole in these guys to the point where it almost makes no sense to buy AMD when their is a Intel chip at the same price range that will smoke the AMD.

AMD makes great chips for great prices but Intels last gen Core i7 are dropping in price and the new 1155 Core i5 2500K is well priced and kicks so much ass.

my point is AMD needs to release these new chips quickly and I hope they are at least more competitive this time around as Intel has made even me switch to the darkside!

Crossing my fingers while waiting on Benchmarks!

FanOfGaming2776d ago

I've always been cautious about going AMD, but I'll wait for benchmarks.

Majors2776d ago

Ive used AMD for years now and have never let me down once. Performance and value for money will never be matched by intel.

Computersaysno2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

You mean apart from the past 5 years where intel have been smoking them

AMD will have to go a long way to sorting their gaming performance because the i7s and i5s have been dishing out the beatings for a long time now.

Look at how a top of the line AMD quad (970) gets trounced easily by last generation intel parts running over 800mhz slower on a modern CPU bound game. Ouch.

AMD need a big leap from performance per clock/per core because if 4 AMD cores lose badly to an intel 4, then the 6 will lose by an even larger margin to an intel 6 core, an 8 to an 8 etc etc...

If you disagree with these facts, then please reply and dispute them. Don't just hit disagree and run away...

Value is questionable and subjective. It depends on region and pricing too. The facts remain that old generation intel parts are faster than even the very best AMD has to offer. If you are talking right at the very bottom end of the market, AMD may hold an advantage. But anything from that upwards, intel have a total stranglehold.

Value for me is buying a CPU like an i7 920 and two and a half years later still having the beating of everything AMD can come up with.

Moragami2776d ago

I agree with Majors, because he said performance AND value. AMD processors are well known to have a better price to performance ratio.

Yes, Intel has the fastest CPU, but they charge twice as much for performance gains that are 25% or less (not really smoking).

Between Zambezi and Bulldozer, Intel is going to have some pretty stiff competition. If they can keep the prices lower too, they may surpass Intel in performance AND quality.

MadDonkey2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Nice link @ computersayno

The ancient Q6600 is putting up a fight against the way way newer AMD stuff that runs way higher clocks too. I see what you mean about value. I have had a Q6700 in a machine since about 2007 which i paid very little for in a sale. Its overclocked on air to 3.8ghz and has run like that for hours everyday constantly. All this time without replacing and while people might buy new AMD stuff and change their platforms that still cant beat it very well.

catguykyou2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

For the past years, you can get a similarly priced intel processor that performs often times much better than the similarly priced amd processor. The I series processors have seriously made intel the stand alone winner the past few years.

AMD Phenom II X6 1100T - CPU benchmark score 6281 - price: $199

Intel Core i5-2310 @ 2.90GHz - CPU benchmark score 6373 - price: $189.99

In the above case you can get the same performing Intel chip for cheaper.

Now, when it comes to graphic cards. I think AMD wins hands down. They always release a cheaper priced, faster, less power consuming graphics card compared to Nvidia. While Nvidia does end up coming out with a card that outperforms AMD, it takes them a while and then the price and performance bump does not make it worth the wait.

Computersaysno2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Yep catguykyou. I think that enthusiasts appreciate intel more for its overclocking abilities too.

The intels are soooooo much faster per clock that they win even with far lower clock speeds. This means that when you overclock them, the gap only gets bigger and bigger to AMD stuff.

E.g the AMD 970 there @ 3.5ghz will at very best reach 4ghz with air coolers. It'll be hot and use loads of power. The i5 750 @ 2.66 will also probably reach around 4ghz too. Except it will still be cool and use far less power.

What this means though, is the intel has jumped massively further ahead again because its clocks have increased a huge amount, like 50 percent higher than stock! All the while the AMD has gone up by only about 15 percent.

The significant gap before is now enormous. Isn't this also value for many people? It would be to me again. Not forgetting that a processor using many watts less will save on the electricity bill too.

JOHN_DOH2775d ago

If you live within driving distance to a microcenter you can pick up a i5 2500k for $175

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bwazy2776d ago

AMD fricking rocks, however I've yet to even push 60% with my 6 core CPU, so 8 would be stupidly overkill for me.

bwazy2776d ago

Lol @ disagrees, fuck off people.

ATiElite2775d ago

try running Prime95 or super Pi.....that will get your AMD loaded down.

yeh the disagree trolls on N4G are so annoying. At least reply back as to Why you disagreed!

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Are_The_MaDNess2776d ago

where is LGA 2011 when you need it?

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