The Combat of Darksiders II - It's A Matter Of War And Death

If you’re, like me, waiting patiently for Darksiders II, and the chance to play as War’s slightly more grim brother, then you need to check out the latest Combat video (courtesy of the wonderful folks over at Game Informer), including an interview with Marvin Donald – the game director on Darksiders II.

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ThanatosDMC2679d ago

They need to get rid of scripted boss fights.

ThanatosDMC2679d ago

Ummm... too easy? At least, make it an actual boss fight rather than "Dodge Dodge Dodge wait for a stuck animation then attack" rinse and repeat 3 times and win. At least, the fight with the big troll or hammer or whatever it was was fun. The main boss fights sucked. It was more fun to kill random mobs than the actual bosses. Don't tell me you played Darksiders and didn't feel disappointed with the main bosses. Played it on hard mode too on my first playthrough. Angels > boss fights

Alos882679d ago

I wonder if we'll ever play as Famine and Pestilence? I doubt they'll be as satisfying to use in combat.

Protag222679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Ive heard they are actually changing the last two horsemen, they will be 'Strife' and 'Fury', and they should be appearing at least briefly in Darksiders II!

And I, personally cant wait to get my hands on Fury..