Remembering the GameCube: 1080 Avalanche

Daniele M. of writes, "Nintendo are known for their ever so popular first-party franchises, the instantly recognisable Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and the Metroid series of course. Some games published by Nintendo do fall behind in regards to publicity and generally somewhat overshadowed by the big guns. That's not to say that these 'other' games fall short in terms of quality and outcome of sales. In particular a game specially developed with realism in mind: 1080° Snowboarding for the Nintendo 64, and its eventual sequel, 1080° Avalanche."

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Moduserous2684d ago

One of the few sports games I ever enjoyed.

AWBrawler2684d ago

I love the soundtrack. I have like all the songs on my iPod

CNXN2684d ago

i dont know if it was as good as the first and it wasnt better than ssx but I put a shitload of hours in

nevin12684d ago

Sony's Cool Boarders was a better game.

jacksonmichael2684d ago

I am horrible at this game. Any suggestions? Lol.

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