No Gears For PS3..Does It Really Need It Though?

Its been confirmed that the Gears of War Franchise will not be making it to PS3. The question is does it need it? Check out our opinion on the situation.

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joeyisback2683d ago

na us ps3 owners dont need gears we got enough games already the 360 can keep it

EYEamNUMBER12683d ago

don't kid yourself you can never have too many games

BakedGoods2683d ago

I doubt I'll even have enough time for all the PS3 exclusives + multiplats.

captain-obvious2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

i think the next EPIC IP is going to be a Mltiplat game

but gears is going to still be a 360 title

Why o why2683d ago

Definitely. The more te merrier. The ps3 doesnt need it but is vast library only gets better with it not worst so yeah

TheLastGuardian2683d ago

Gears of War is the only franchise that makes me want a 360. Sadly, 1 exclusive franchise isn't enough for me buy a 360. I wish Gears was on PS3.

manumit2683d ago

@ captain-obvious:

You mean like Bulletstorm?

SilentNegotiator2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Of course it would be nice to have Gears on the PS3, but MS wouldn't let that happen. Not if they had a brain in the whole company.

I'd still rather play Uncharted; I like that the gameplay is more vertical. And don't go calling it a clone; Uncharted:DF was shown less than a year after Gears 1, cover system and all. Unless you think they completely retooled the game to be cover-based in less than a year, level design, AI, and all else...

You just out-obvious'd captain Obvious! {:v0

DualConsoleOwner2683d ago

BulletStorm... remember that? yes that was made by Epic and another studio owned by Epic.

As for Gears, their contract expires with MS after the third one, so if the new gears are coming out, then it will be on PS3.

Unless MS do a new contract ofc, but i doubt that after seeing MS let go of Valve, Bioware, Bungie and etc.

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jwatt2683d ago

Yeah Gears is beast and would be a cool game to have on the ps3 but the game is made for the 360 and Uncharted is made for the ps3.

dragon822683d ago

I agree with what you said but I never get the whole Gears of War/Uncharted thing. Other than being in third person and having guns, they aren't even remotely similar games. It cunfuses me every time I see someone say "We don't need Gears because we have Uncharted". ??

-Alpha2683d ago

Speak for yourself, the more games the better.

I've always been curious to play Gears' no respawn MP. Also, it'd be nice to have more split screen games for my PS3

NateCole2683d ago


Its people like you that really screw up gaming. Exclsuives should exist.

If more games the merrier then what happens when you have all the games on one platform?.

Stop being so cheap and fork out for multiple platforms if you want to play every game.

JD_Shadow2683d ago

That's not what he was saying. He was condemning this talk of "oh, they should keep it. I don't want it on my fav system." Why say that you wouldn't want more of a choice? He didn't say there shouldn't be exclusives.

baodeus2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Although Ps3 doesn't need gears, but it doesn't hurt to have them either. It would be great actually to have, so ps3 only onwer can enjoy one of the best game this gen.


agree. I do love the no respawn MP part of gears. It make you play more cautiously and more nerve racking than just run and gun, die, rinse and repeat. Although they did come up with that pool of lives share with the team, sound like an interesting idea for MP. Epic really know how to create fun game mode.

dragon822683d ago

You should try SOCOM if you like the "No Respawn" multiplayer games.

I also would like to see more split-screen co-op games in general. I hate this whole idea that if we want to play co-op, it has to be online. My wife and I love to play shooter in split-screen together. It sucks that most games don't include this anymore.

It's the reason we have two PS3's and have to buy two copies of alot of PS3 games. Not really an issue on 360 because of the dual login feature and the fact that most of the games I own for it have split-screen.

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KRATOS-PS32683d ago

Gears of War is a great franchise, no doubt about that. But every system should keep its own big titles. We have Uncharted and Killzone instead and we are proud of that. I've played each Gears and each Uncharted and for me Gears is simply too cursorily compared to Uncharted. So I go with Uncharted and I don't really need Gears on PS3. But still it is an amazing playthrough.

TheFreak2683d ago

Raising the sony flag while singing the sony anthem

DarkFantasy2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Uncharted yes but killzone = blahhhhh i would replace killzone with say Warhawk/Starhawk and Twisted Metal(the oldest ps franchise) oh any maybe some God of War..only thing going for killzone is graphics every thing else about kz is mediocre i don't get the hype but respect those who love it.but anyway uncharted is the best out of all these games soo yeeah. Uncharted 2 MP is alot more fun then kz3 mp but opinions are like assholes everyone's got one.soo hyped for uncharted 3!!! ...also no ps3 dosen't need gears,gears needs ps3 if it wants *ps3 game sales* outher then that it's fine on the 360 just as is but i wouldn't say no to the idea.

chasedagreat2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

keep it on the 360

Anderson82683d ago

i would welcome gears if it dropped on the ps3.. but i wouldnt care if it never came

metsgaming2683d ago

if i had to choose 1 game to turn to multiplat that the 360 has it would be gears but they have so few they should do what they can to keep it.

AlienLion2683d ago

You know an article is shit when it starts with a misquote. He actually said:"I would say in the foreseeable future there’s zero chances of Gears of War being on the PlayStation 3..."
Also, the ps3 doesnt NEED it, just like it doesnt NEED Starcraft II, but it sure would be nice. What kind of dumb point is he even making?

NewZealander2683d ago

i own both consoles, and i believe ps3 is just fine without gears, playing infamous 2 atm and looking forward to UC3, xbox needs the few exclusives it has, i have to admit im getting sick of the old fable, gears, halo, forza, kinect rinse and repeat strategy that MS has adopted for the 360.

Septic2683d ago

Yet the titles you enjoy playing currently and looking forward to play are sequels.......right....

NewZealander2683d ago

septic yes i love sequels too, assassins creed franchise being my favorite, but i just wish for MS to blow me away with a totally new IP, i know sony is focusing on sequels a lot too, but they do tend to mix it up a bit better then MS.

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LOGICWINS2683d ago

With the way the PS3 is selling, it obviously doesn't "need" Gears, but I know a couple of people(including myself) who would have bought it.

2683d ago
Croash2683d ago

Exactly my thoughts.
Who knows, there might be a Gears of War trilogy on PS3 one day.

But it doesn't matter. I'll eventually get a 360 to play the series, it's not like it's as expensive as it was before.
I guess a Gears of War 3/360 250Gb bundle will be just what I need.

towelie12882683d ago

a new xbox 360 is coming out with gears of war 3 and a 320 gig hardrive with two badass controllers

Croash2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


Holy shit O_o Now that is epic.
But it doesn't seem to be confirmed in Europe.

Anyway, I want to get a PlayStation Vita, but if the handheld gets a 2012 release (even early 2012), I'd rather get that Xbox bundle for Christmas.
I sure hope it will come to France D:

Thanks for the info!

Firstkn1ghT2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

It might not need it but it will definitely sell better than KZ and Resistance combined.

LOL! It's a dark sci fi war shooter dude. The games are practically the same except Gears takes it to another level which is why it would sell better than the games mentioned....dude.

Lord_Sloth2683d ago

Compare a 3rd person to other 3rd person titles, dude.

mrv3212683d ago

And sell less than Wii Sports, I suppose 360 needs Wii Sports now.

Wait... are we comparing sales now


Oh wait, it's just some 14 year old living in the past.

You got me so excited to, back to my large hamster collider experiment #34919.

TKCMuzzer2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Your comment explains your one bubble.
So what your saying is that sales means the game is on another level, like the way COD takes FPS's to another level every year.

I own Killzone 2 and 3 and Gears 1 and 2 yet I have played the Killzone series more. Your logic is without logic.

Stewie2k82683d ago

where have i seen people going on about sales all the time before.. ah yes, and stop saying 'dude' you sound like an idiot, dude.

Why o why2683d ago

Dumb fanboy is dumb.....

Anyway like people are saying sales dont make a game. Anybody whos been gaming for long enough knows this as they would of definitely of played and enjoyed a game that wasnt as popular as x or y. Another thing some forget to mention is that when theres a drought water tastes like champagne. If there was more titles to choose from they'd probably all sell less. Do you think gears and halo would sell the same if they were stupidly released simultaniously with modern warfare. The only sale that really matters to me is my own. If the game is heavy on multiplayer then of course sales matter but it doesnt need 5 mil for there to be enough people to mame. I wish these kids would grow up

LocO_o2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Question: Why has'nt any one tried to developed a game with the Gears style.

I am not saying to make a carbon copy of geras but to use the formula that makes Gears fun.

Edit: Qantum Theory tried but that does not mean that others cant pull it off.

paintsville2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Well I don't think that Epic would release Gears on PS3 because they want it to have good frame rates, no torn frames, great SSOA, great shadows, good anti aliasing, high rez textures, NO MANDATORY install required, consistent online play, and have lots of enimies on the screen all at once. All this made possible with 360's Vastly Sup3ri0r GPU and unified RAM architecture. They'd be severly limited with PS3's ancient RAM architecture and it's 1nf3er1or, ancient, paultry, pitiful GPU wannabe RSX along with the snail's pace data throughput of the blu ray drive. Not a chance in hell they'll put their flag ship IP on that thing. Not to mention that they actually want to market it to people that actually buy games and don't primarily buy a device as a movie player.

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DaThreats2683d ago

Its going to come instead to Vita

Surfaced2683d ago

Probably not, but undoubtedly something from Epic Games will arrive on Vita. Their VP, Mark Rein, is very taken with the handheld.

edhe2683d ago

ehh... rein is 'taken' by shiny objects.

But UE will come to vita, no doubt.

ZombieAssassin2683d ago

It doesn't need it but I'd sure as hell buy it, best 360 exclusive for sure.