Rumor: Bioshock makers working on PS3 title?

According to a jobseeker message 2K Boston is looking for an experienced Senior Console Programmer. In the bottom of the message it says "Experience with PS3 development is highly desirable". Now could this mean they are working on a title for the PS3? You be the judge of that. Follow the link to read the message.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4866d ago

That's worth a rumor to me. Why not.

Of course you always get opposite fanboys reporting the article as spam. That's natural.

ktchong4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Why not hiring for a new game?

In fact, it seems more like a new game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I'm just saying, it's worth a rumor. Could be true that they're working on a new PS3 game.

Someone is a little tight or scared or something...

MrSwede4866d ago

Here´s another one:

It´s for a Tools Programmer and on the bottom of this one it says "UE3, PS3 and production experience using Python or Ruby will be highly regarded."

ktchong4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

It's a JOB page, which says nothing about making BioShock for PS3.

Seems to me that they are hiring for a new game.

Did you completely miss the interview a few months ago when 2K company president said BioShock is not coming to PS3 because Microsoft has signed an exclusive contract for it?

You made up the title yourself, based on flimsy speculation. The job posting does not even have a title.

superdude4866d ago

bioshock makers, no one said anything about bioshock itself

b777conehead4866d ago

hey round peg no one said they were making bio shock but bio shock maker. i know your afraid if bioshock comes out on the ps3

HarryEtTubMan4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Everything is coming to the PS3 man.. soo many good things

Edit: And being a 360 owner I really hope its not Bioshock. It was a kool game... I beat in in about 3 days and I took it back. I hope it's a brand new IP with a whole new story... who knows some awesome multiplayer... please Boston 2k anything but Bioshock... give something new the the PS3!!

LOL @ The jealous XBroke's!!! There's never any good 360 news to read so the try to pretend like the PS3 isn't real... LOSERS! HAAAAAAAAAAA

JasonPC360PS3Wii4866d ago

yeah six months to a year later

mark094866d ago

Well yeah, you wont see AAA titles on the first week of a console release, the 360 didnt have hit games until the next holiday season, a year after release.

Hagaf224866d ago

does ms own the rights to bioshock? possible port to ps3? or maybe they could just be going multiplat on a new title...

IdontTakeSides4866d ago

yes that would interesting to see what happens..but honestly I wouldn't want a port of Bioshock I'll rather a new IP..

unlimited4866d ago

if they goin to do a port they better make it great at least..but i agree i rather want a new ip..bioshock seem to be a good game but its the past..i really didnt feel the hype for it..

Filanime034866d ago

microsoft doesn't own the rights for bioschock. This is not suprising to me bcoz EA now own the Bioshock developers so I expect bioshock to go multiplatform. Unless Microsoft pays a hefty amount of large amount of money to EA to keep it on only one console. I predict this is going to be for bioshock 2 if they decide to make a game for ps3.

The WildAttorney4866d ago

(1) EA does not own the developers of Bioshock. You are getting Bioshock (the game) confused with Bioware (a developer that has nothing to do with Bioshock). Bioshock is developed by 2K Boston, a subsidiary of 2K Games.

(2) Bioshock is not being ported to the PS3. The developers and the publisher have repeated that many many times.

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Padre4866d ago

Yep, it could be something to say "Sorry PSTards, but our best game stays on 360, but you have this!".

mighty_douche4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

im gonna pi55 and moan like this effects me personally....

dude what difference does it make?? you guys got bioshock, a 10/10 game. isnt if fair that the ps3 gets a game from the developers? i guess not...

i look forward to the "yeah.. dont care bioshock was sh1t anyway" remarks from the fanboys... believe me, they'll come.

Danman354866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Do you seriously have that homo as your avatar? he looks like a lost backstreet boy.

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