Tomb Raider E3 Impression-GamerFitNation

Tomb Raider is back and gamerfitnation has all the details on Lara's New look and style straight from E3.

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THis game was amazing at E3, is anyone thing about getting it?

NBT912869d ago

Im thinking about not getting it. It is very different to the TR of the past, I will need to try it first...
As a long time fan, I know some fans love the look of it, but I am not so sure...


Yeah it's different, but I kinda felt Tomb Raider need a bit of a change. I was getting a little tired of flipping over Wolves and dodging bears. Heck in this one the Wolves look's Scary as Heck.

DarkTower8052869d ago

Rent for sure, definitely looking forward to it, but I don't think this will have too much replay value for me so I probably won't buy it.

Ares842869d ago

I'm not "thinking" about it. I am getting it. I knew I will get this game even before the E3 demo.

xtheownerzx2869d ago

if they do it the right way this will turn into a great cinematic trilogy.