Halo 4 Needs To Learn from Battlefield 3 and MW3

Gaming Irresponsibly takes a look at the standards of FPS gaming again--and why with an upcoming Halo 4 release, 343 Industries is going to have to do quite a bit in order to keep the game from being a flop.

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Inside_out2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Why would Halo, one of the best FPS ever, both in sales and popularity, want to be like Battlefield 3 or If Halo was a multi-plat, it would of at the very least, sold the same as any other multi-plat but more than likely, outsold ALL of them.

If you like COD or Battlefield, go play those games. Halo does quite well as is and any big changes would be a mistake. Halo is a genre leader and you see those guys coping Halo, not the other way around...COD Elite being a great example. What have those games done? Halo is a completely different a good way. Vibrant, colorful world with great variety of enemies and Ai abilities. Fantastic story with, yep, no Russians or Nazi's in sight. Fantastic sandbox campaigns with a great variety of vehicles and weapons...please, these kinds of articles are just plain dumb.

There is always room for improvements to the core game play and I'm sure that the next version of master Chief will take advantage of some of the great advancements that games like Mirrors Edge and Crysis 2 have brought to the fps genre.

In regards to Battlefield, Battlefield hasn't done anything to advance the cause and long, boring tank rides are a prime example. COD is so popular because it's the anti-Battlefield only EA and Dice don't get it. EA and Dice decided to launch beside MW3 because they are parasites trying to latch onto MW3 and the crazy anticipation that game brings...same thing they did with MOH. EA has become the me-too pub along with Sony this gen. Nothing original just try and copy whatever is popular at the time. Halo is often imitated but never duplicated.

Honestly, it seems the Internet has been infected by some virus best called PS3-itis. It's when your in last place but you talk like your in first place...o_O.

blitz0x2863d ago

I think he's just saying that there are some features that could be included, not that he wants halo to be a clone.

I agree that the halo series is awesome, but we can't act like there's no room for improvement.

Active Reload2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

If anything, it needs to learn something about graphics from Crytek. As far as BF and CoD go, I like tbe gameplay of those games, but where would that put Halo's game types? There are a plethora of them that I don't think would mesh well with those other 2 games playstyles. Battlefield's gameplay I think could work, but COD is 60 fps, I don't know if Halo fans are ready for that.

evrfighter2863d ago

I never understood why halo got so popular. Its basically an old school quake/unreal ripoff with a starcraft storyline.

I guess you can say it was the consoles unreal/quake being the first to premier online modes and all.

If we go by quake and unreal we learn one thing. Halo will soon fizzle out if there is no change.

Halo needs to be a next gen launch title. Another halo on 360 would be another nail in its coffin

Camb316912863d ago

I agree. I mean maybe you can borrow one or two elements. But why would you want halo 4 to be like CoD or Battlefield.....Then they would all be exactly the same. That's kinda dumb.but if the author meant like halo 4 needs improvement, sure, i understand.

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agentxk2863d ago

Halo is by far it's own game, I understand though that if MW3 and BF3 deliver on the level they are promising and redefine the FPS, Halo may need to at very least acknowledge some of the things they do right.

SixZeroFour2863d ago

"Point: if I can call a gunship to mow down my enemies in any Call of Duty title, why can’t a futuristic super soldier with more cybernetic augmentations than John Shepard?"

but you CAN do that in reach, its called using a falcon, and we get 2 turrets

but overall, a pretty good read...i too think they should follow in BF3's footsteps a bit in terms of graphics and destruction, but not too much in CoD's footsteps (no offence to the game, just not my preference)

blumatt2863d ago

Yeah, if Halo 4 took a page out of Battlefield 3's playbook regarding destruction, that would be awesome!! And, agreed about CoD. I mean, I play MW2 from time to time, but it's still just such an inferior game to Battlefield in so many ways. Hopefully 343 doesn't look at CoD for inspiration at all.

SixZeroFour2863d ago

well personally, gameplay-wise CoD isnt for me, but i do love the lvl of customization in the game, that is prolly the only thing i want 343 to take from the CoD series

Wizziokid2863d ago

I think Halo should continue what it's doing and not fall into the COD clone crap, this is why Halo has one of the best online multilayer experiences to date

BeaArthur2863d ago

Exactly. Why does everything need to play like a Modern Warfare shooter? There are about a million unique players playing Halo: Reach every 24 hours so I'm pretty sure they are doing something right (which obviously doesn't include those who are still playing Halo 3 as well).

TheGameFoxJTV2863d ago

Funny, cause reach got a little closer to the MW type gameplay than any other Halo game. lol

BeaArthur2863d ago

Why because you can sprint? Halo is nothing like MW.

CrimsonEngage2863d ago

Story wise Halo is great but i can't seem to get into the Halo games. WAY to arcadey for me. Low gravity, no iron-sites or massive battles. I'd love to see a Battlefield: Halo game.

Destructible environments with 64 players and the ability to fly Covenant drop ships and drop off players in the heat of battle? That would be something amazing. Instead we are stuck with Red vs Blue team with only 12/16 players.

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