First Crysis Review: 9.2/10

Crysis review from German magazine called 'PC Action':

graphics: 95%
sound: 93%
controls: 93%
multiplayer: 85%

single player: 92 %

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MK_Red4866d ago

Another post says that they gave 9.2 to BioShock and 9.1 to Stranglehold! Only 0.1 difference between a GOTY worthy title and a fun arcadish shooter?

mighty_douche4866d ago

i was doubting the review and your comment just cemented the fact. cheers.

ShiftyLookingCow4865d ago

according to Rooted_Dust, PC Gamer gave Crysis 98/100. For reference they gave BioShock 94. Talking about art for Crysis isnt entirely valid unless you take into account making a game that looks as real as Crysis requires quite some clever detail and programming.

predator4866d ago

could someone please point me in the direction of specs needed to run this at max, me and a mate are building a pc soon and just want to no what specs are needed as ill be picking up this game. Thanks

MK_Red4866d ago

I don't think a system that can handle Crysis graphics at max is invented yet. (Unless you want to build a supercomputer ;) )

Shankle4866d ago

Just get hold of 8 PS3s and a techie!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4866d ago

anything less than 10/10 in graphics.

u got owned4866d ago

95% graphic

Wasn't this suppose to be the best looking game out there?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4866d ago

What game looks better than Cysis?

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The story is too old to be commented.