IGN Best of PlayStation at E3 2011

When Sony's PlayStation Press Conference was over, we knew all about the company's new handheld and its gaming lineup for the next year. When the show was over, we knew all about what games rocked and what games sucked. Now, with hindsight on our side, we're going to walk you through the biggest PlayStation takeaways from the show.

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Rikan2683d ago Show
consolez_FTW2683d ago

some IGN comment-"Would of been the best E3 ever if Jessica Chobot licked PSPVita". wow...just wow. Is she even that hot? not to me.

Jack-Dangerously2683d ago

I'm not trying to be rude. But since you brought it up.... She is absolutely average at best to me. Because she's a girl who plays games doesn't negate the fact that she's just not pretty. Imo.

consolez_FTW2683d ago

Yeah, she is pretty average, but those IGN fanboys practically worship her. I was implying it's unnecessary.

iWishTifaWasReal2683d ago

lol no shit bro,
its like they created a religion.